JULY 21-23 2017

get involved!


The FanStaff Program is a special program designed for fans that want to work and enjoy the music! FanStaff are limited to working around 16-22 hours total over the course of the event and are paid an hourly wage. Those FanStaff that would like to attend the event to enjoy the festivities can purchase a special event ticket on festiVOL.  This ticket comes with some super perks reserved just for FanStaff, but possibly the best is that it transforms into a discounted staff ticket once all work shifts are complete - FanStaff receive a partial reimbursement of the purchase price! Added to the paycheck that's mailed following the event, FanStaff are able to get involved and have an incredible attendee experience, with minimal ticket expense.

Head to festiVOL to find out more! 

Clean Vibes

Keep K-HA Clean!  Join Clean Vibes as a volunteer and help spread the clean vibe at Karoondinha! Clean Vibes (cleanvibes.com) is dedicated to keeping festivals clean and educating fans about recycling and the importance of environmental stewardship.  Clean Vibes believes that every person can make a difference and they rely on dedicated volunteers who aren’t afraid of hard work to help minimize the ecological footprint of music festivals.

Clean Vibes has the following volunteer opportunities available for Karoondinha.

During Show Clean-up Volunteer

Three 6 hour shifts.  All During Show Clean-up shifts will be in the AM, exact times to be announced. Clean-up Volunteers will work alongside Clean Vibes staff members to sweep the concert area of litter and debris to prepare the space for another great day of music! During Show Clean-up Volunteers will gain admission to the event, a free t-shirt, free camping, and the satisfaction of helping keep K-HA clean!

During Show Table Busser Volunteer

Three 6 hour shifts.  Table Busser Volunteers must complete 3 shifts over the course of the weekend and will be stationed throughout the venue and some backstage areas educating attendees on where to properly dispose of their waste while working in the food service areas to keep the picnic tables and surrounding grounds free of litter and debris. Table Bussers will also work to keep as much waste out of the landfill as possible while teaching fans at the same time! Table Busser Volunteers will gain admission to the event, free camping, a free t-shirt, and the satisfaction of helping keep K-HA clean!

Post Show Clean-up Volunteer

Looking for a way to enjoy ALL of the music and not be tied to a volunteer schedule during the event? Post Show Clean-up is your answer!! Post Show Clean-up Volunteer shifts are on Tuesday and Wednesday following the event. The total commitment is 20 hours. Volunteers will be picking up loose litter on the ground and working with the Clean Vibes staff to consolidate piles. This position involves stooping, lifting and consolidating large bags of recycling and refuse. Post show volunteers will gain admission to the event, a free t-shirt, post event camping and showers, breakfast and lunch on Tuesday and Wednesday and water while volunteering.  

For more information and to sign up to volunteer with Clean Vibes, go here