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VPNs: Allowing For Safe Public Internet Access

Public Wi-Fi and internet services tend to garner a lot of mixed opinions. A lot of people praise them since it allows for people to have access to the internet, which has become a necessity in this day and age, so people from all walks of life can have free internet access when they need it. On the other end of the argument, a lot of people have mixed opinions regarding data breaches and activity monitoring when it comes to public internet and Wi-Fi since it is pretty easy to track other people’s online activity when they are using public access internet. If you happened to be concerned about your privacy on free internet services or if you want a secure free internet surfing experience, you can check my reference and read the rest of the article below.

Virtual Privacy Networks (VPNs) allow you to cover your IP address, which prevents people from tracking your internet use and covers various loopholes, keeping your information safe and protected. You will have to choose between either free or paid VPN services, and if you want to invest in good security, then a paid VPN is better since it will allow you to use different IP addresses from around the world and are more consistent with their security. Once you have connected to your VPN, you can safely start using public internet and Wi-Fi without any worries. Some VPNs allow you to take it a step further and through VPN portals and encryptions, you can use free internet at all times. This is of course a little trickier and is only limited to certain types of VPNs like Troid VPN, Feat VPN, Sky VPN, etc. This will take some tinkering around to access, but for generally safe and free internet use, any good VPN is enough.

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