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How to Avoid Damage to Cement While Pressure Washing

pressure and power washing is getting common all over the world, whether it is residential or commercial power washing, people are willing to spend on power washers or get the services from power washing professionals, but surprisingly you can also damage your property through power washing, you might think that something as hard and rigid as concrete wouldn’t be at risk of being damage but if you don’t use the pressure washers correctly then you might even damage the concrete, there is a certain movement and angle that you have to maintain in order to avoid damaging the surface, aim high and keep it moving is the message from the experts and if you are pressure washing your car parking, garage, side walk or roof then you need to make sure that the right psi is selected and you keep the angle right.

Apart from the right angle and distance you need to be mindful of the psi and gpm, psi is something which is commonly discussed when power washers are the topic but gallons per minute is equally as important and for cleaning concrete you should use a flow rate of at least 4 gallons per minute if you want the optimum results. Patio concrete cleaning and roof concrete cleaning is often done by the property owners as they do it on a frequent basis and if it brings results then well and good, but if the surface hasn’t been cleaned in years then getting the experts in is the best choice.

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