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How to Protect Roof Shingles While Pressure Washing Nearby

The first and arguably most important thing that you need to learn about pressure washing is that you have to cover all of the surfaces that you are not targeting at the end of the day. If you don’t work hard enough to learn this before actually getting started in your career, suffice it to say that you would still learn it eventually through a process of trial and error and that most definitely won’t be ideal because of the fact that your customers would be unhappy about the mistakes that you made.

If you run a pressure washing company and you have been hired to clean someone’s house for them with your washing rig, you need to take care of a certain few areas that are especially susceptible to power cleaning damage. For example, a slanted roof with shingles on it will get thoroughly destroyed with PSIs that are in excess of two thousand, and since you would be using three thousand to pressure clean walls you need to cover it up otherwise the shingles might start to fall off.

In order to protect roof shingles while power washing nearby, you need to develop more accuracy in your aim. Placing a barrier on the edge of the roof is also quite useful since it makes it so that the errant jet that you send in that direction would get obstructed by the barrier instead of hitting the shingles and loosening them up. Shingles are expensive and replacing a few can be even more so, so it helps to be careful so that your clients have nothing to complain about and are agreeable when hiring you.

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