We live in a modern day and age where anything is possible, and a big part of the reason what that is the case has to do with the fact that we have started to develop progressive values that have resulted in the discontinuation of the more antiquated ways in which we had used to conduct our day to day lives. The question that a lot of people tend to ask at any given point in time is what progress has been made for the human species in any way, shape or form, and in order to understand this all you really need to do is look at how women have managed to spread out into areas that they had not been given access to before.

For example, a hundred or so years ago if you had told someone that women could be personal injury attorneys you would probably have been laughed out of the room. Nowadays, though, a lot of Portland area attorneys for injury cases are women and they are actually more competent than the men in some instances! This truly proves that women can do anything and everything, so much so that the world has become a much better place due to their involvement in so many different kinds of areas.

It would be unfair to think that women don’t deserve a seat at the table, especially since they are contributing so much to society. Young girls should be encouraged to look into figuring out how they can go about pursuing careers as well, otherwise they might never get the chance to live the lives that they have always wanted to live and in many ways deserve to live as well.