While you might know all of the things that are required in order for you to be a conscientious enough consumer, at one point or another you might just run out of options and would therefore need to pay attention to the only person that was available for you to hire. Towing services are a common industry where people face problems like this, since there aren’t all that many service providers that work around the clock and the ones that do know that they have a bit of a monopoly on the market which would allow them to really make the most of this and profit even if they are not that great at what they often do.

You can check for signs that your service provider is not good at their job, though. This would help you avoid hiring them altogether. Some of the towers that helped tow me off Queens Quay gave me some advice, and this advice was that if you see a tow truck that has a lot of marks on it such as scratches and large scuffs then it’s rather likely that this service provider is not a great option for you to think about looking into.

After all, if a tower does not have the skill to keep control over their own car and prevent it from coming to harm, there is no chance that they’d be able to keep your car safe in any meaningful way, shape or form either. Hence, if you hire someone since they were the only option and see these marks, you might want to reconsider or at the very least prepare for your car getting damaged a bit.