The music industry is often seen as a very glamorous and destructive lifestyle by most people. This is because movies, pop culture, and sometimes artists themselves tend to depict the industry to be like that. However, there are many layers to the music industry, and this is why we will be debunking a few common and popular myths about the music industry.

  • The most common myth that a huge chunk of us happen to believe is that the music industry is a ludicrous venture and that it always pays well, however that is not the case. Yes, successful musicians are able to earn a lot of money, but apart from those that are at the top of their game, other struggling artists are hardly able to make ends meet. In fact, if you look at Spotify, then musicians there earn $0.00437 per stream, and that is a very dismal amount if you think about it. So, most artists are actually struggling to keep their career going in the music industry, contrary to what most of us are led to believe.
  • Another common myth about the music industry is the fact that sex, drug, and alcohol are in abundance, and that is not always the case. A lot of times musicians are struggling with substance dependence and the rest of the band will have to go on a dry spell as well out of risk of the person relapsing. The industry is toxic in that regard because a lot of times musicians are forced into that lifestyle because it is simply the norm there.
  • There is also the assumption that all record labels are bad and are out to exploit you, and while there are record labels that do tend to do that, there are also labels that give their artist a lot of liberties, and only takes an understandable percentage of the royalties. So, really, you have to be the one to read the contract properly and do your research before you sign into any record company.
  • Another interesting myth is the fact that it is impossible to break into the industry, especially if you are not signed under a major label, however, that is not actually true. Artists under major labels have flopped, and Spotify and other Sound Cloud artists have managed to break into the industry and made waves. There will be a struggle to establish yourself and break into the industry, however, it is not as difficult a feat to accomplish as people tend to make it out to be. You just have to be willing to work hard and really dedicate yourself to your craft.
  • There is then the issue of rock stars and people believing that all musicians are conceited and believe themselves to be above the law and principles of morality, and while there have been a few who have tried to do that, karma has had a way of bringing them down. Most musicians are actually really hard working, humble, and grateful to be where they are.