The air ducts in the HVAC system plays a crucial role; the circulation and constant flow of air from HVAC system into each and every room that ensures a comfortable environment within the house irregardless of the season. Since the air circulates through the ducts and then flows throughout the house to be inhaled by the residents, therefore it is very important to maintain the cleanliness and purity of the air. This is also important for many other reasons such as;

Breath in a Better Environment

If not cleaned properly, the unclean air continues to re-circulates in the room which increases the risk of dirt, dust, microbes and other contaminants to enter the living system of the human beings. The contaminants include pet hair, pollen, mildew, spores and other related toxins which can be hazardous upon inhaling and can even worsen the case for asthamitc and other respiratory diseases infected individuals. To increase the quality of life for your loved ones, employ aircon servicing in Singapore by Aircon Buddy and live a better life.

Facilitate Interior Cleaning

When properly maintained, the air duct provides clean, dust and dirt-free air which when lands upon furniture, bedding and hosiery facilitates a cleaner interior environment which makes easier to clean them as well.

Eradicates Odour

Everyday indoor activities contribute to the accumulation of various unpleasant odours in the air. These may be brought to existence by smoke, pets, cooking and even cleaning with particular agents. A proper, well-maintained air duct system helps removal of such odour.

Better Air Flow

Accumulation of dirt, dust and grime can cause hindrance in the circulation of air that can overburden the air conditioning system and affects its working capacity. Therefore, it is important to have the air duct cleaned thoroughly by professionals to increase the life and the efficiency of air conditioning system.