Looking into the hard data surrounding any industry can reveal a lot to you about how that industry actually operates out here in the real world. The junk removal industry might not seem like all that big of a deal to you at any given point in time, but suffice it to say that it is part of a wider industry called waste removal which is fundamental to the very fabric of the society that we are living in right now. Understanding the size of the junk removal industry can help you see if the pie is big enough to allow you to take a piece out of it.

According to some data that we collected, the total junk removal industry is valued at about ten billion dollars per year. That means that people spend a total of ten billion dollars on junk removal on an annual basis, and when you consider how the average person creates almost five pounds of trash every year, suffice it to say that this number starts to make a lot more sense. If you manage to start the best moving company in Victoria TX, you can enjoy some of these financial benefits as well!

The size of this industry should tell you how high demand for its services are right now. This demand is starting to increase on a rather exponential basis, and that means that you are well poised to enter it whenever the thought occurs to you. A ten billion dollar industry has plenty of room for everybody, and what’s great is that there isn’t really any single institution that has a monopoly on the industry as of right now.