Table cloths can be annoying to deal with. They catch every little smudge or spill and oftentimes end up becoming permanent stains. The problem is that you cannot exactly clean up a table cloth right as a stain falls on it like you would with a shirt or a dress. If people are eating you have to wait a while, and in one dinner session, you can actually get multiple stains in a single sitting. For this reason you should turn to either plastic or pvc table cloths instead for your household use and also for any sort of party use. It is extremely recommended that for larger parties you switch over to the pvc option instead as then you do not have to worry about mass staining.

The PVC table cloths requires different sort of care than your regular table cloth. You can find out about that in detail from this guide here. The major thing you need to know about is that you will need to remove the creases from the pvc table cloth. These sort of table cloths can crease up very easily when in storage so you will need to get rid of those creases first. One of the best methods to do this is to put it in the dryer after washing or cleaning and setting it to permanent press. This option steams out the creases and keeps them out for a lot longer, even when in storage.

However, if you do not have a dryer, you can use something like a hair dryer to smooth out the creases instead. You will have to be careful to not set the hair dryer above a low setting because at higher temperatures it can actually melt the plastic and ruin the cloth.