Overhanging branches and dead trees pose a big safety risk to both your family and your property. Falling trees and branches mostly damage power line, homes and people passing by. So, if you have any dead tree or branches in your property that are about to fall, you should contact a reputable emergency tree removal service to get avoid any unfortunate incident.

Here are some scenarios in which calling an emergency tree service Elk Grove is your best bet.

A Damaged Tree

If you have a tree on your garden that is severely damaged, diseased or dead, that it can fall without any prior notice. So, if the tree has fallen already, here are some steps you can take for further safety.

  • First of all, make sure that no one was damaged by the fallen tree, contact emergency medical services right away if you have anyone injured.
  • Secondly, look around and find out of any of the electrical lines located near the tree are damaged. Of they are damaged, warn other people about the danger and don’t try to handle the situation by yourself. Contact the utility company and seek their help.
  • Thirdly, take photographs of the scene if you have any insurance needs. They’ll serve as a proof later on.

Call an emergency tree removal service right after taking the three steps mentioned above.

In The Stormy Season

The stormy season, or even unexpected floods and heavy rains can also cause the tree in your garden to get severely damaged. And they might fall down unexpectedly. To prevent this from happening, do a proper inspection of all your property including the tree after a storm or any other extreme weather event. Call emergency tree removal services right away if you find a tree that’s about to fall.