Global warming has become a very visible reality over the past few years, and 2020 managed to break the record as one of the hottest years ever in different parts around the world, and 2021 is expected to continue this momentum and be another hot year. We can no longer save the planet by just avoiding plastic straws and buying a hybrid car. The change needs to be noticeable in every small decision we make, be it choosing not to have meat a couple of days a week, changing how we shop for clothes, and how we make our homes.

A lot of the material that goes into making our homes is not eco-friendly like cement and so on. There are some alternatives we can go for instead. So, you can choose to opt for lime plaster to replace normal plaster as an example. You can talk to the experts at KG Plastering Cambridgeshire and they will even tell you that lime plaster is better than regular plaster in a lot of ways as well.

Lime plaster is made from water, sand, and lime, and lime is a naturally occurring material, which means the process of making lime plaster is more eco-friendly as it does not involve a lot of work. Lime plaster is also known to absorb carbon dioxide around its atmosphere, which is, once again, a great win for the environment.

Lime also happens to be better than other plasters because it is stickier and more malleable. This means the lime plaster can get into smaller spaces, and it can adhere well, so you needn’t worry about your plaster cracking or becoming weak over time, if anything, lime is more forgiving since it does not crack as easy because of its malleable nature, making it a win-win situation for all.