We all end up needing to get towed at some point in our lives. We might have run out of petrol on the highway, burst a tire or found out that our tires have been deflated, end up with a dead battery with no jumper cables or no random drivers around to help us jump start the car, or we might have found ourselves in a situation where we have collided with another car and need to be taken away due to a fear of further damage. However, when you have a luxury or a classic vintage car then you might run into more trouble trying to get out of the situation as getting towed can often end up damaging your car further and with better cars you need a more careful hand taking care of them. This where you might want to opt for a flatbed towing instead of a regular one.

For anyone who is not aware of what a flatbed tow truck is, its a tow truck that does away with the hook and half lift to move you around. Instead this tow truck comes with a towing ramp that simply pulls your car up a ramp onto the truck without any need for a hook that will pull the car a few miles to a workshop. This helps keep your car safe and prevents any further damage from happening to it. I recently towed my classic on the flatbed and it did wonders by not damaging my front bumper and moved my car to the workshop with ease and no worries about riding too high or too low or if the half lift will end up damaging the back of the car. This is the best way to get a classic or a luxury car towed.