Just your name and contact information can not make an effective business card. All of the real estate available on your card can be used effectively to speak for your business as long as the card exists. Making a good looking and durable business card can speak well for your business for a long time to come.

Here are some rules of a making an effective business card that you must follow if you want the most out of your business card investment.

Include Only The Most Needed Things

Never stuff your card with the information that is not needed for the promotion of your business. Just mention what you do, and provide your contact information for the people who might be interested in your products/ services. People usually ignore overwhelmingly stuffed cards with information that is not needed.

You might get tempted to use all the space on your card and stuff it with every bit of information about your business, but that can negatively impact your business’ image.

Make It Readable

Using crazy fonts might intrigue you, but make sure that the cards is easily readable. The information you put on your card should be easily scanned by anyone looking at it. So, use easy to read fonts that your prospective clients can easily read.

Get Good Quality Cards Made

The best way to make your business cards look unique and eye catching is getting good quality cards made from brands like LuxuryKards.com can help you a lot.

Cards made from great quality materials are often more memorable as compared to other standard cards. You can not hand over a homemade business card to a client and expect him to call you back. This is how you can make an effective business card.