Civil engineers mostly work in the government sector. They make designs of large infrastructure projects like the railway and airports, and maintain those projects in the long run as well. They make sure that all the amenities and goods can reach the people without any delays.

Civil engineers also work in private firms, and as consultants as well. Their clients include both the government and private individuals.

Civil Engineer

Civil engineer is an engineer with expertise in infrastructure projects like railways, metro stations, pipelines, highways and many more. They often work in the designing process in offices, on site, and remotely as well.


According to independent surveys, the salary of a civil engineer usually starts at $50,000, and grows as the engineer gains more expertise. The salary of a civil engineer can go as he is $150,000 per year. However, this highly depends on the level of education, year of expertise and location of work. For example, a job in civil engineering in Sacramento might pay differently than other locations.

Different Types

While civil engineering is a general field, civil engineers develop specific specialties as they explore their interests throughout their career. This is the main reason why there are certain different types of civil engineers working out there.

Here are some of the different types of civil engineering which might help you get jobs in the future.

  • License engineer
  • Civil design engineer
  • City engineer
  • Structural engineer

Becoming a Civil Engineer

Since civil engineering is a general field, you will need to gain more knowledge of subjects, like mathematics, physics, and many others. You will need to complete at least a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering in order to enter this field. However, experienced engineers can even go for masters and doctorate degrees in the field. Another way to get into civil engineering is through the army.