The answer to the question which espresso machine is the best isn’t a simple one, because it depends on a number of factors, for some a certain espresso machine would suit best while others would have complaints with it, so the choices aren’t unanimous but usually depend on some important factors which make up the decision, and if you are going to buy a coffee machine you should also consider the following,

Budget: There is an overwhelming number of options out there and if you don’t put the filters right, you are likely to get confused and not make the right choice, setting up a budget and searching accordingly is the way to go about, in order to avoid wasting time and money you need to set a budget well before starting your search for an Espresso machine, for instance I shortlisted the best espresso machine under 200 and went on from there.

Frequency of use: How often would you use the machine, this is something that you must ask before making a decision, for a home barista who uses a coffee machine once in a while a coffee machine under $200 would be more than enough as there are some pretty decent options available which have the best features and provide an excellent cup of coffee every single time.

Counter space: Take a measurements accurately as this will be an important factor in the decision making, new designs are sleek and carefully constructed to use less space and if you are short on counter space then search accordingly, there are some designs which are bigger than others and you should avoid those as these wouldn’t fit on your counter top.